Our services cater to the non-food industry, offering an extensive range of formulated cleaning and surface treatment products and technologies. Although we specialize in the former cleaning stages for the rubber glove industry, our expertise also spans across metal treatment, water treatment, transport cleaning and maintenance cleaning.

Besides materials of cleaning agents and degreasers, we provide innovative solutions that would impact our client’s operations. Our clients deserve to know extend to which their capital equipment life can be extended, what problems can be avoided and how much energy source can be saved.
Rubber Glove Industry
  Former Cleaner                       Powder Reduce Agent   
Rubber / Polymer Stripper On Line and Off Line Polymer
Powder Free Coagulant Biocides
Water Treatment
  Cooling Tower Treatment                        Oxygen Scavenger   
Boiler Treatment Scale Condition
Retort Treatment pH Controller
Pasteurizer Treatment Scale / Corrosion Inhibitor
Metal Treatment
  A. Anodising                          B. Phosphating
- Degreasing - Degreasing
- Surface Cleaning - Derusting
- Desmutter / Deoxidiser / Enchant    - Phosphating
- Conversion Coating / Colouring - Scaling
- Sealing - Additives
- Aluminum Brightener  
Transport Fleet Cleaning
  Cleaner / Polish  
Tyre / Bumper / Dashboard Shine  
Windscreen Water Repellant  
Maintenance and Workshop
  Heave Duty Cleaner / Degreaser Tyre Mark Remover  
Paint Stripper Air Conditioner Coil Remover
Engine Degreaser Decarboniser
Acid Descaler Dust Suppresant
Aluminum / Stainless Steel Brightener Asphalt Release Agent
Grease Trap Biodigester Copper Brightener
Rig Wash Waterless Hand Gel
Heavy Duty Hand Soap